Lifestyle Carnival – 99th Edition

We are lucky to be chosen this week to host the 99th edition of the Lifestyle Carnival!!  That traveling carnival features the best articles of the week from a variety of categories including Travel, Health, and Entertainment.  You can have one of your articles featured in the next Lifestyle Carnival by submitting using the carnival submission form at Blogger […]

Getting to the Core of Core Strength

Let’s be honest.  Social trappings put a premium on looking good, on eye-catching muscle and sexy abs, but there is a much more essential reason for working the core.  It’s our center.  All our functional daily movement is anchored and stabilized in our core strength.  A toned midsection is a secondary effect of increased core […]

My Child is a Picky Eater

  My thirteen year old is a picky eater, and it drives me mad. Whenever I decide to cook something nutritious for dinner, chances are good that he won’t eat it. We have tried every trick in the book to get him to expand his mind a little bit and be willing to eat with […]

I had my wisdom teeth pulled today!

If you’ve been looking for something to jumpstart your weight loss, why not sign up to get your wisdom teeth removed?!  It’s the perfect way to keep your cravings in check for a few days, considering you won’t be able to eat any solid foods at all for a few days. In reality, I am […]

There Might Be Plenty of Fish in the Sea …

… Many people have the idea that all seafood is healthy and, at one point in the past, this was true. But not anymore, and this is largely due to our modern industrial society. Mercury and other toxins, seafood farms, and non-sustainable harvesting practices have all contributed to making the world’s seafood supply not what […]

Is Bacon Bad For You?

  Oh scrumptious bacon.  How I love thee. Icould never be a vegetarian when bacon exists in this world.  It just isn’t worth it. The other day, I was having a few slices of bacon with my breakfast, when a co-worker remarked.  ”I see that you have given up on your healthy eating plan”. Naturally […]

How to Work Out While Driving to Work

With the average American spending hours each day driving to work and back home, it is no wonder that there is little time left to exercise. For myself, I can’t help but think about all of the way that I could potentially be using that time to do something productive. I could be getting an […]

Cutting Calories

Cutting our calorie intake is something a lot of us are concerned about. There are some very simple things each of us can do to help make steps along this road. Although these ideas are simple, implementing them into daily routines and bucking old habits is difficult and takes effort. But if you adhere to […]